Facts about Nuuanu: Nuuanu is a neighborhood on the island of Oahu (YouTube). Thousands of Hawaiian warriors died in the Battle of Nuuanu (YouTube) in 1795. It sits on the western side of an extinct volcano. The eastern half of the volcano collapsed (YouTube) into the Pacific ocean east of Oahu. Nuuanu has a reservoir that can store millions of gallons of water to prevent floods. Hawaiian royals are buried in Nuuanu at Mauna Ala (YouTube). It is the final resting place of six Kamehamehas, five queens, and others.

One of the most visited places in Nuuanu is the 1200-foot Nuuanu Pali Lookout (YouTube). It has a scenic view of the eastern side of Oahu and the Pacific Ocean. The trade winds are accelerated by the Koolau Range, creating a wind tunnel-like effect. Millions visit the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, the final resting place of over 61 thousand U.S. veterans. It sits on an extinct volcano that was created 75 to 100 thousand years ago.